Why Etat Pur


I dreamt of doing things completely differently. I dreamt of creating a brand that met the needs of anyone and everyone, from richest to poorest, from youngest to eldest, regardless of their skin type or colour, regardless of their lifestyle, their needs and their desires.

I wanted to create a brand that was as pure as possible, effective and totally respectful of the skin, of all skin types. »
Pharmacist and founder of Etat Pur

A simple yet revolutionary idea

Etat Pur was born from a paradox. The modern cosmetic industry has developed with an escalation of products and active ingredients, misleading promises, all-in-one miracle solutions, often leaving us disappointed and without a truly effective response and yet, 70% of us don't really have any skin problems.

Dermatology teaches us that it is not necessary - and even harmful - to put an active ingredient on the skin, unless it needs it. Every action leads to a reaction, a source of uncontrolled cocktail effects.

To avoid overtreating the skin, we started with an idea that was both simple and revolutionary: separating the active ingredients from daily care to give the skin just what it needs.

Skin in its purest state

Pure Skincare

without treatment active ingredients, to cleanse and moisturise the skin every day, in order to strengthen its natural resources and preserve its health. A routine that supports and strengthens healthy skin in its normal state.

Pure Actives

in addition to Pure Skincare, to treat temporary problems in a targeted manner. Concentrated in the most scientifically effective doses, they are used only where and when necessary.