Why Etat Pur


A brand inspired by ecobiology

Etat Pur is the perfect embodiment of the principles of the ecobiological approach NAOS has been following (behind the Bioderma and Institut Esthederm brands) for over 40 years: to safeguard your skin’s ecosystem and strengthen its natural mechanisms.

Ultimate respect for the skin and its functioning is our founding principle, reflected both in our concept (two distinct product lines - Pure Care and Pure Actives) and in our formulatory approach.


Our extremely rigorous approach to product formulation goes well beyond common practice in cosmetics – even organic cosmetics. Our formulation charter only includes 150 (<1%) of the 30,000 ingredients generally used in cosmetics.

Our ingredients are selected on the basis of the latest publications and scientific knowledge in order to know and control their operating modes very precisely.

Our positive formulation approach is based on 3 key principles:


We focus on using only the ingredients that are strictly necessary to achieve the benefits desired. No superfluous or unnecessary ingredients overloading the skin.


Our ingredients are chosen among the purest (without pollutants). The search for a possible residual presence of formalins, phthalates, solvents, pesticides and heavy metals is an important selection criterion.


We only use the safest components in order to ensure that our products are safe for all skin types. Above all, we do not use anything that might be harmful or controversial: amongst other things, silicon, mineral oils and synthetic colourants have all been banned from our formulas.
The SkinAffinity patent ensures Pure Skincare products are exclusively composed of over 97% biomimetic active ingredients.

Everyday skin care: Pure Skincare

Biomimetic Pure Skincare products are formulated without active ingredients, to give the skin just what it needs, without overtreating it. They were specially created to get back to what's essential: cleansing, hydrating and sometimes protecting skin, every day. In the long term, they restore the biological balance of even the most sensitive skin.

Because the skin is better at assimilating the things that most resemble it, 100% of the ingredients in our Pure Skincare products are biomimetic, in perfect affinity with the skin.
Biomimetic ingredients are either the same as or very similar to the skin’s natural components, resulting in optimum tolerance and efficacy for our products.

The SkinAffinity patent ensures Pure Skincare products are exclusively composed of over 97% biomimetic active ingredients.

Over 98% of the ingredients in our skincare products respect the 4 classes defined in our biomimetic technology, depending on their degree of affinity with the skin.

The formulation (or sensory appeal) of our formulas also plays a role: it contributes to the performance of our formulas by taking the moisturising agents to the right place in the skin and by making our products easy to apply.

Treating problems when necessary: Pure Actives

Complementing Pure Skincare, the Pure Actives range treats occasional, localised skin problems. Each active is a specific solution to a specific problem.

The concentrations of active ingredients in Pure Actives are scientifically dosed to ensure that they are fully effective without being harsh to the skin.

Our patented IN-SKIN™ technology ensures targeted action. This patent improves the skin’s permeability, helping the active ingredient penetrate the skin and work exactly where it’s most needed.

To maintain the efficacy of Pure Actives, we package them in small, anti-UV containers suited to occasional, short-term use. Their unique, one drop at a time system delivers exactly the right dose: 1 pump = 1 x 45 mg (+/-5 mg) drop. It also reduces the risk of microbial contamination.

Our patented IN-SKIN® technology ensures targeted action.