Why Etat Pur


A transparent approach

We may not be perfect but we have nothing to hide. To help every individual choose the product they need, we are very proud to reveal the full composition of all our formulas in total transparency. All these products were designed, formulated, tested and manufactured by Laboratoires NAOS in Aix-en-Provence, in the South of France.
On Ask-NAOS.sg you can discover everything there is to know about the origin, the source and the function of the ingredients included in our products.

The transparency on our formulas extends naturally for us towards transparency on price, as a testimony of our efforts to eliminate unnecessary costs.

A responsible approach

Our most important commitment is what we put in our products to safeguard skin health. But that doesn’t mean we are not trying in other areas as well…

With regards to Etat Pur’s responsible approach we currently pursue two main areas of tangible action: designing more eco-friendly products and packaging while prioritising partnerships with suppliers who are equally committed to the environment.

Limiting secondary packaging, opting for recycled and recyclable materials, FSC certified cardboard, Imprim’vert green printing, discontinuation of PET sleeves, favouring suppliers who are committed to CSR, fair trade and/or sustainable agriculture…it’s only the beginning but we are making good progress!

We are working to reduce our use of plastic and develop alternative materials (bio-based materials) by 2023.

We are working to
reduce our use of plastic by 2023